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In conjunction with the 4th IFBBE Conference Building New Finance through Inclusion, Sustainability and Ethics”, INCEIF, LUMS, Universitat Jaume I and Universitat de València will be organizing a “3 days Programme on Leadership Development for Islamic Finance Industry”. The aim of this leadership programme is to bring together mid-career managers up to top-level executives of financial industry globally to discuss and deliberate on the rightful roles of Islamic Banking Institutions (IBIs) and how to set the current realities towards this direction. The programme will also discuss on the current development of global Islamic banking sector, banking technology innovation that will shape the Islamic banking and it will also allow participants to gain deeper understanding on the Value-based Intermediation and its impact.

The “3 days Programme on Leadership Development for Islamic Finance Industry” will be held from 19th to 21st September 2019 in the beautiful heritage city of Córdoba, Spain. International Centre for Education in Islamic Finance (INCEIF) will be the main organizer for this programme, providing the venue, managing the logistics and invited speakers for the programme.


Surpassing half a century of development, Islamic banking and banking activities dominates the current landscape of the Islamic finance industry. While the industry continues to grow rapidly, human resource development remains as a challenge. The leadership programme with the theme Development for Islamic Finance Industry is aiming at:

  • Addressing contemporary and emerging issues faced by Islamic economy and Islamic finance
  • This programme acts as a catalyst for change, helping good leaders through mind-set changes to understand what it takes to deliver high performance in Islamic finance industry
  • Obtain greater clarity of thought and vision to be a good and ethical leader

The programme welcomes participants from all functions and units within all kinds of background, and will benefit them. The programme aims to bring together delegates from the Islamic Financial Institutions to the beautiful heritage city of Córdoba to expose them to the rightful roles of Islamic banking institutions and at the same time experiencing the city which was once an important Roman City and a major Islamic Centre in the Middle Ages. Córdoba is a great cultural reference point in Europe, this ancient city has been declared a World Heritage Site and contains a mixture of the diverse cultures that have settled it throughout history. The participants will get the experience to learn more about this beautiful city during the sightseeing and tour session



There are five (5) sessions conducted by respective Subject Matter Experts throughout the programme as below:

1 Value Propositions of Islamic Finance
2 Importance of Shariah as the Underlying Framework for Islamic Finance
3 Ethical Conduct for Islamic Financial Practitioners
4 Technology and Innovation in Islamic Banking & Finance>
5 Strengthening the Roles and Impact of Islamic Banking through Value-based Intermediation (VBI)

Conference Details


Date: 4th April 2019, Thursday
Time: 9.00 a.m. – 5.00 p.m.
Venue: Securities Commission Malaysia, Conference Hall 2, Ground Floor, 3 Persiaran Bukit Kiara, 50490 Kuala Lumpur

9.00 am Official Welcome from Securities Commission
9.10 am Opening Keynote Address and Discussion: Paul J. Corney "Stories and strategies for organisations preparing to adopt Knowledge Management Standard ISO 30401"
10.00 am Tea Break & Networking Session
10.30 am Case Study Cafe Introduction - A series of short opening pitches for 8 KM implementation case studies on the conference theme to be shared at round table discussions.

Case studies:

  • Khairil Hizar Md Khuzaimah, Jabatan Kerja Raya Malaysia - Implementing lessons learnt at JKR
  • Mansor Harun, Malaysia Technology Development Corporation - Improving knowledge sharing through the quality of document management at MTDC
  • Faizul Amin, Johor Petroleum Development Corporation - Building and Publishing the Institutional Knowledge of the Development of Pengerang Integrated Petroleum Complex Megaproject
  • Arief Amron, Securities Commission Malaysia - Developing strategic KM initiatives through a knowledge auditing process
  • Cheryl Teh, Independent - Addressing challenges in intranet implementation in 4 Malaysian organisations
  • Sharon Wong, Zico Knowledge Services - Rolling out a consistent approach to KM when different regional offices have different KM needs
  • Geeta Albert, Knowledge Connections - Implementing a Knowledge Sharing Platform and Processes at a Malaysian University
  • Edgar Tan, Straits Knowledge - Knowledge mapping to develop an enterprise taxonomy for a European government agency
  • Noreen Natasha Azmee, INCEIF - The process for developing an Islamic Finance Taxonomy
11.30 am Case Study Cafe - Discussion Round 1 - Round table discussions on individual cases (You can choose which case study table to attend, this is your chance to discuss the case details in greater depth with the presenter)
12.00 pm Case Study Cafe - Discussion Round 2 - You can choose a second case study table to attend and discuss in depth.
12.30 pm Lunch Break
1.45 pm Case Study Cafe - Discussion Round 3 - You can choose a third case study table to attend and discuss in depth.
2.15 pm Case Study Cafe Debrief - open floor discussion on key learning points from the case studies.
2.35 pm Peer Assist: presentation of 2 real life case studies with KM challenges:

    1. Aw Siew Hoong, Royal Dutch Shell - "When sexy social media tools threaten to cannibalise an established community of practice platform"

    2. Patrick Lambe, Straits Knowledge - "What do you do in a KM implementation when one key partner (IT) wants to move quickly, but another one (HR) wants to move slowly?"

3.00 pm Tea Break & Networking Session
3.10 pm Peer Assist: Table discussions with suggestions and ideas for factors to consider in the peer assist case studies.
3.45 pm Peer Assist: Debrief and floor discussion on ideas shared at tables. Vote on "best ideas".
4.05 pm Patrick Lambe: Malaysian KM Benchmarking Survey - Briefing and Preview
4.15 pm Paul J. Corney: Wrap up of the day - themes and ideas shared
4.35 pm Arief Amron: Close of Day, upcoming MY KM Roundtable events.

Limited seats available. To register and more info, please visit

  • Knowledge management (KM) practitioners
  • Records and information managers
  • Organisational development practitioners
  • HR professionals
  • IT managers tasked with knowledge and information management responsibilities
  • Individuals who are interested to kick start KM in their organisation

  • Bank Negara Malaysia
  • Finance Accreditation Agency (FAA)
  • International Shari’ah Research Academy for Islamic Finance
  • Securities Commission Malaysia (SC)
  • Shariah Advisory Council
  • Chartered Institute of Islamic Finance Professionals
  • Malaysia International Islamic Financial Centre (MIFC)
  • Islamic Banking and Finance Institute Malaysia