Contributing to the IEF will benefit both current and future generations of students and scholars – making it possible for INCEIF to increase our global reach through the increasing diversity of our students, the quality of their education and the development of cutting edge research.

We have set up two contribution areas:

Option 1: Specific Purpose

Yearly Scholarship

Enable deserving students to continue and complete their studies.


Academic Chairs

Enable the holder of the position (usually a qualified expert or a senior/prominent academic) to conduct advanced research, teach students and mentor other academics among others.

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Embark on industry-focused research & development projects to maintain a consistent stream of acquiring new knowledge and products toward industry needs.



Boost operational and student capacity, and enhance the student-life experience on campus.

Option 2: General Purpose


Contributions of less than RM1,000.


Contributions under General Purpose will be channelled into one of the 4 options under Specific Purpose, as deemed fit by INCEIF.

Make a Gift

Friends of INCEIF who contribute to the IEF have the opportunity to ensure that the institution and the knowledge it seeks to share will exist in perpetuity. Yet, more than anything else, behind each endowment gift is perhaps a personal motivation – to repay a debt of gratitude for a donor’s own opportunity at getting a good education, to honor a cause that is close to one’s values and/or to simply make a positive impact on society in remembrance of a loved one.

With your help, we are developing and creating more future leaders in the field of Islamic Finance and advancing the industry to meet the demands of a dynamic and ever-changing world. Be a part of INCEIF’s knowledge empowering legacy by contributing to the INCEIF Endowment Fund today.