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The most complete gift of God is a life based on knowledge.

There’s truly nothing like a gift that has the power to create lasting impact on an individual and society at large. Knowledge is one such gift, equipping the receiver with the tools in which to create endless possibilities. For the giver, it is an enduring symbol of their commitment to contribute to the greater good.

As a premier Islamic Finance-focussed university, INCEIF is dedicated to enriching the lives of individuals all around the world with breakthrough academic programmes and applied research in this growing discipline. With a faculty that comprises thinkers, academicians and pioneers in Islamic Finance, INCEIF is committed to ensuring its programmes, and by extension, its scholars and graduates, stay on the forefront of the industry.

In order to ensure its position as a stronghold for game-changing Islamic finance education endures, it is essential to build up a powerful foundation to take it into the future. This is the purpose of our endowment programme, in essence, a collection of contributions by the alumni, scholars, partners and friends of INCEIF and Islamic Finance directed towards maintaining and sustaining the level of quality education the university is renowned for.

As longevity is the purpose of the Endowment Fund, the principal donations are not spent, but the earnings from their controlled investment can. As a university set up by Bank Negara Malaysia, donors can be assured that their contributions are put to good use, and will be maintained in perpetuity through sound management.

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Endowment Programmes

A Little Contribution Can’t Change The World But It Can Change Someone’s World



HIGHER education is a door to a brighter future, with which students can dream to secure a better career. While being accepted to a university, students from a low-income background are met with a number of barriers including buying textbooks. This fund will be extended to provide B40 group students who studying Islamic Finance Finance & Islamic Economics to buy our publications that are adopted as the main textbook for the course.

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Through the Fund, it will help INCEIF to assist intelligent yet needy students from all over the world to fulfill their dreams. The scholarships will cover the expenditures which occur during their study tenure and will enable them to continue and complete their studies. It helps our effort to create knowledge leaders in Islamic Finance to serve the industry and the ummah later. Your contribution is truly meaningful to them!

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The fund is intended to provide continuous humanitarian assistance to affected parties including the front liners which include support medical services and the essential needs of marginalised groups within the country. Necessary communication and coordination with the government agencies will be made to channel your contribution to the less fortunate households, releasing their hardships.

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The Endowment that Makes a Difference

All principal donations to the INCEIF Endowment Fund will be retained and invested in perpetuity with only earnings generated from the initial monies put to use. A progressive and sound endowment will be the permanent source of funding that will enable leading financial programmes and ground-breaking discoveries in research. The IEF, managed by its Board of Trustees and guided by Shari’ah principles, will allow us to benchmark our operations and services against international best standards.



To create Knowledge leaders in Islamic Finance.



To develop industry-relevant, in-demand and well-rounded content.



To produce cited, groundbreaking and practical research for the industry.



To attract and nurture industry Thought Leaders.