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An endowment is a gift that has a lasting impact on an individual and society, what more if the endowment are made to educational institutions as it can improves lives through the stable streams of funds that further promotes the development of knowledge and academic excellence.

The INCEIF Endowment Fund (IEF) aspires to provide a stable funding source to the institution. Managed by a Board of Trustees made up of experienced professionals, IEF is directed toward supporting the university’s quest to produce future leaders and innovators in Islamic finance. With a faculty that comprises thinkers, academicians and pioneers in Islamic finance, its scholars and graduates are at the forefront of the industry.

The IEF is built on longevity. Therefore, the principal donations are invested for the earnings to be put to good use and maintained in perpetuity. As a result, donors can be assured of good Shariah governance and sound management. Only the returns from the endowment will be used to fund the following activities:

  • The development of human capital in Islamic finance by assisting deserving students in pursuing INCEIF programmes irrespective of nationality, race and gender;
  • The enrichment of the Islamic finance knowledge through applied industry-focussed research and development to maintain a consistent stream of new knowledge and products that fulfil industry needs.

The IEF is established in accordance with donors’ intentions. Therefore, you can designate your endowment either for Unrestricted Endowment (general purpose) or Restricted Endowment (specific purpose). Returns from Unrestricted Endowment will be immediately utilised and distributed at the discretion of INCEIF as deemed fit towards the achievement of the objective and aspiration of the IEF, while returns from the Restricted Endowment will be used as specified by the respective donors for the following activities: Scholarship; Research, Academic Chair; and Infrastructure.

“When a man dies, his acts come to an end, except three things: recurring charity, knowledge (by which people benefit), and pious offspring, who pray for him.”
(Hadeeth of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) as reported in Sahih Muslim)

Tax Deductible (for Malaysians only)
Donation to INCEIF Endowment Fund is eligible for tax deduction under Section 44(11C) of the Income Tax Act, 1967 (Reference: MOF.TAX.700-3/1/186(13).

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Endowment Programmes

A Little Contribution Can’t Change The World But It Can Change Someone’s World



Be a benefactor. Your donation will benefit deserving students to pursue INCEIF programmes irrespective of nationality, race and gender as well as bringing other benefits to the industry and the public. Your contribution will enable us to develop world-class global talent and expertise needed for the industry to realise the Islamic finance aspiration globally.

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Contribution to the Academic Chair will enable us to bring prominent scholar and expert to share his/her knowledge and experience with our faculty members and students. The guidance from the Academic Chair will assist us in conducting advanced research, student learning and mentoring research activities which later will bring benefit to the industry and the community.

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Your contribution will enrich the Islamic Finance knowledge through ground-breaking and applied industry-focussed research & development to maintain a consistent stream of new knowledge and products that fulfil industry needs. The ground-breaking research revolves around the myriad ways that Islamic finance can be applied to socially inclusive financial solutions, poverty alleviation, mitigation of ecological damage, sustainable development and fostering good governance.

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Your donation is vital to equip our campus with the best facilities and technologies to support the Islamic finance education. We want to make our campus as the hub of Islamic finance world class studies and research that will produce and shaping of tomorrow’s Islamic finance leaders. Your contribution will also boost operational and student capacity to enhance the student life experience on campus.

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The Endowment that Makes a Difference

All principal donations to the INCEIF Endowment Fund will be retained and invested in perpetuity with only earnings generated from the initial monies put to use. A progressive and sound endowment will be the permanent source of funding that will enable leading financial programmes and ground-breaking discoveries in research. The IEF, managed by its Board of Trustees and guided by Shari’ah principles, will allow us to benchmark our operations and services against international best standards.



To create Knowledge leaders in Islamic Finance.



To develop industry-relevant, in-demand and well-rounded content.



To produce cited, groundbreaking and practical research for the industry.



To attract and nurture industry Thought Leaders.